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Burnout Prevention Programs

Finally, a comprehensive, dual strategy program designed to directly impact organizational and individual well-being.

“There is hope!” – ANA Member

Program Overview

The SE Healthcare Burnout PreventionTM Program is a holistic, web-based platform designed to address both the organizational issues and individual physicians’ and nurses’ need for immediate access to tools and strategies to prevent burnout.

The program identifies specific organizational contributors to burnout through a direct communication pathway. The program gives physicians and nurses immediate, 24/7 access to our video coaching series. Built on the framework of Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement, the program is iterative: measure, analyze, improve, control, remeasure.

Program Components

Burnout Prevention Enrichment Center™

The Burnout Prevention Enrichment Center™ is built upon Dr. Dike Drummond’s training curriculum and includes over 175 “micro-learning” videos and audios with CME credits for providers and Contact Hours for nurses. Series within the Enrichment Center include Burnout Prevention; Surviving Adverse Outcomes or Malpractice; Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; and podcasts. The Program coaches individuals to create a Personal Burnout Prevention Strategy, including breaking old patterns, making practical changes and adding proven tools until a participant’s strategy yields the positive results they seek.

If you change nothing,
nothing will change.

The Dashboard

The web-based dashboard provides a Lean Visual Management tool to monitor progress. A key strategy to build trust is participants seeing the same results as the leadership. An AI powered analysis groups top stressors by common topic. Summarizing the findings in this way facilitates a clear understanding of large free-text data sets. Benchmarks for age group, gender, location, and specialty further refines the data supporting data-driven decision-making.

There is
no guessing.

The Assessment

The survey is 100% confidential and only 4 questions that measure what matters. The survey is iterative and can be customized. Measuring engagement is not a substitute for measuring burnout – 20% of your “highly engaged” are burnout risks. Physicians and nurses openly express their top three day-to-day stressors in a way that closed-ended questions fail to capture. It can be difficult to hear “the voice of every physician and nurse”. We solve for this.

Identify and address system-generated
contributors to stress and burnout.

Organizational Insights

“Listening” is the foundation of targeting meaningful initiatives. Estimates are the modern workplace environment is likely causing 80% of burnout. SE Healthcare uncovers these hidden opportunities. A Summary of Findings report is reviewed within an Executive Review Session. Coaching on implementation and action planning ensures no one ever gets stuck.

There is a false belief that nothing
can effectively address burnout.

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SE Healthcare is a company committed to and passionate about quality and patient safety. For more information on how we can partner with your organization to improve the quality and safety of the care you provide, please fill out and submit the form below, or contact us at: (843) 414-5090.

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