SE Healthcare and Saxton & Stump Launch Physician Empowerment™ Suite

CHARLESTON, SC, April 14, 2016 – SE Healthcare Quality Consulting, a national, physician-owned quality, safety and reimbursement consulting company and Saxton & Stump, a full service healthcare litigation firm with more than 30 years of experience in risk mitigation, are proud to announce the launch of The Physician Empowerment™ Suite. The Suite is a scientifically-based tool that reduces and mitigates risk and liability while improving the economics of physician offices and hospitals.

The Physician Empowerment™ Suite was developed through a unique collaboration of Industry leading clinical and legal experts from across the nation. Industry experts have spent over six years researching and beta testing to find a direct correlation between key aspects of population health which can be measured, enhanced and improved to have a direct impact on the risk and liability of a physician practice or hospital.

“By innovatively combining clinical and legal experts, we’ve identified key elements of patient experience, physician health, safety and quality that overlap,” explains Jim Saxton, CEO of Saxton & Stump, LLC and board member for SE Healthcare Quality Consulting. “Focusing our efforts on measuring and improving these key areas can simultaneously reduce a physician group or hospital’s risk and liability while making a positive impact on their economics. Our clients benefit from the unique collaboration of industry leaders from both the medical field and in the courtroom.”

The Physician Empowerment™ Suite consists of two platforms that are customized based on more than 20 different industry specialties. The Patient Experience platform enables physician groups to easily survey patients, track and monitor results, and quickly take action to improve the patient’s experience. The Clinical Effectiveness and Improvement platform benchmarks physicians on specialty-specific best practices and provides educational tools to help physician practices and hospitals make improvements in key areas which have the most impact. In addition, these tools provide the ability for physicians to demonstrate their value and protect their reputations all while using a tool that is customize-designed based on their own specialty.

“The world of healthcare has changed and is now focusing on value-based metrics instead of volume,” said Phil Schauer, MD, president of SE Healthcare Quality Consulting and professor of surgery, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. “This product is the next evolution of physicians owning their metrics and being able to make impactful changes that benefit both the physician practice and the patient.”

Healthcare professionals interested in learning more about The Physician Empowerment™ Suite should visit or call 843-414-5087.

About SE Healthcare Quality Consulting:
SE Healthcare Quality Consulting is a physician-owned quality, safety and reimbursement consulting firm headquartered in Charleston, SC. Its consultants and directors are experienced clinicians holding national leadership positions in a variety of medical and surgical specialties. To learn more visit

About Saxton & Stump:
Saxton & Stump is a full service healthcare litigation firm with more than 30 years of experience in risk mitigation and in defending doctors and hospitals in the courtroom, and has a proven record of innovation in the way in which cases are defended. To learn more visit

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