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The Importance of Measuring the Quality of Providers’ Care

Dr. Rick Hammer speaks about why it’s critical that healthcare organizations measure the quality of their providers’ care to improve the patient experience and to drive sought after growth and improvement.

Read a small transcript from the video and click on the video below to view and hear more.

Video Transcript

Rick Hammer, MD: Everyone wants a high-quality physician or hospital. I mean, everybody does, right? But, how do you tell?

It’s even hard for doctors to tell what’s a high-quality doctor from what’s just an average of low-quality doctor.

Safety is a big deal.

Virtually every patient assumes the hospital they’re going to is safe, and the doctor they’re going to is safe and that they all do safe practices. They have this presumption that, “I’m definitely going to get safety.” In reality, that’s not always the case.

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