Patient Experience Week

Patient Experience Week 2019

Patient Experience Week (April 22 – 26, 2019) is an annual event to celebrate healthcare staff who make an impact on the patient experience everyday. This week provides time for organizations like yours to celebrate your achievements, align your efforts and honor the people who interact with patients on a daily basis. From nurses and physicians, to support staff and executive professionals, to patients and their families, SE Healthcare celebrates Patient Experience Week 2019 with you.

As we celebrate, we thought it would be the perfect time to provide you with some patient experience highlights and tips on how you can participate!

Celebrating Patient Experience Week

Here are a few ways that your practice can celebrate the Patient Experience – For this week and beyond:

  • Establish a recognition program – From physicians to executive professionals and ALL practice support staff
  • Host a recognition luncheon
  • Plan an educational seminar on improving the patient experience
  • Share how your practice has made positive changes based on patient feedback in a visible place
  • Designate a “Patients’ Day” – Let your patients know you care by dedicating a day in their honor
  • Social media suggestions
  • Tell every patient “We care about your experience” and remind to complete their Patient Experience survey
  • Each day have the team collectively choose one way your practice could improve the patient experience and plan to implement it – At the end of the week you’ll have 5 new initiatives!
  • During the morning huddle – Share the Daily Challenge (see below)
  • Using SE Healthcare’s Patient Experience Tips Library to post a “Tip of the Day” on your practice’s communication board. LINK to PE Tips document
  • Form a Patient and Family Advisory Council

The Daily Challenge

Make each day of Patient Experience Week fun and exceptional:


Using their NAME, make eye contact and greet each person you see today with “Good morning” or “Good Afternoon”.


Offer to WALK a patient to their destination.


Thank EVERY patient for choosing your practice and EACH colleague for all they do.


Create a “WOW” moment for a patient by going above and beyond.


Ask every patient “What can I do to make this a GREAT experience?” then try to do it.

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