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Three Ways to Attract New Patients Through Online Marketing

There are many marketing tactics and channels available to healthcare practices. But, how do you know which will work best for your practice?

Below is a strategy that you can use as a foundation to grow your practice and attract new patients.

Optimize your local online presence

There are hundreds of channels through which prospective patients can find your practice during their online travels. The key here is to determine which ones are the most important to you and then work to optimize them.

Start with local directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and of course, Google. Then look at the more healthcare-specific directories. Make sure these sites all contain the latest and greatest information about your organization. This should include contact information, info about your doctors, your current (accurate) address, hours of operation and basically any other info the site will allow you to input.

These types of sites are likely going to show up high in search results when prospective patients are conducting research to find their next doctor, so you want to be sure yours are looking good.

Launch Google Ads campaigns

If you have the budget, a great way to show up in searches ahead of the competition is to utilize Google Ads. While they can be a little pricey (you could pay > $10 per click), the cost of conversion could be outweighed by the total revenue you’ll generate over the course of a new patients’ time with your practice. That is, assuming of course, that the patient is happy with the experience and quality you provide.

healthcare practice marketing

Running a Google Ads campaign will place you at the top of search results for keywords you target within the platform. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool, or tools like Moz SEO to determine which keywords prospective patients might be using to search for practices like yours. Then bid on those keywords and start receiving qualified traffic to your site, hopefully converting into loyal patients.

Embrace social media

Your patients (and those searching for new doctors) want to see practices that are actively engaged in informing and interacting with other users on social media. Posting useful tips and other content can show prospective patients that you truly care and are engaged.

Social media also allows you to post links that direct followers back to your website where you can engage them with more content. The goal being to grab their attention and provide value to them, so they want to bring their medical concerns to your providers.

Starting with these three tactics can position your practice to stand out above the competition and see substantial practice growth through successful new patient recruiting.

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