Graphic of a stressed male physician with 10 arms juggling various work and life responsibilities

Patient Care Suffers as Physicians’ Administrative Responsibilities Continue to Grow

We recently filmed a series of videos featuring prominent healthcare professionals providing insight into the impact of physician burnout on the healthcare industry, as well as offering advice to leaders for how to address and prevent physician burnout.

In this video, Carol Freer, MD talks about the impact of increased workload on physicians. She asserts that physician burnout has a negative impact on physicians’ ability to provide better patient care.

Physicians are required to see more and more patients and take on more and more tasks and responsibilities. Dr. Freer offers advice to leaders for ways to help physicians eliminate extra workload leading to increased levels of stress.

Click to play the video below to hear Dr. Freer’s advice for healthcare leaders.

To view the full series, click here to be redirected to The Impact of Physician Burnout playlist on our YouTube channel.

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