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Changes to MIPS in 2020

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released its Final Rule for the Quality Payment Program (QPP). It includes several changes to MIPS in 2020 and future reporting years. The Final Rule continues to gradually increase the reporting requirements under the MIPS program.

CMS increases the participation threshold for group reporting from a single clinician to 50% of the clinicians in the practice for the Improvement Activities category.

SE Healthcare continues to provide a patient experience platform that offers the means for practices to meet the requirements of the Improvement Activities Categories.

Measurement of the patient experience is not going away and in fact is increasing in importance.  In today’s consumerist society (social media, “shopping for a doctor on the internet” etc.) the patient experience is less and less an optional activity and more a business requirement.

Image of MIPS Overview for 2020: The Essential 2020 Guide for Your Practice transcribed on front of book.


Download our comprehensive guide to MIPS in 2020 to position your practice for success.

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