[Podcast] Dr. Kevin Mosser Discusses Physician Burnout, Compensation, Independent Practice and Other Issues Impacting Physicians

Dr. Kevin Mosser recently joined Shane Tenny, CFP, host of the White Coat Wellness podcast, to discuss some of the most pressing issues impacting the healthcare industry.

Changing environments, new compensation systems, technology integrations and increased administrative responsibilities are among a range of reasons causing a rise in rates of burnout in physicians. As a former health system CEO, Dr. Mosser offers insights into how leadership teams can effectively address and prevent burnout within their organizations.

As organizations focus more on providing greater access to patients, physicians ultimately begin to feel overworked and undervalued. It’s common for physicians to lose the passion that initially led them to pursue a career in healthcare in the first place.

Click below to listen to the episode “How Healthcare System Executives Can Address Physician Burnout” to learn more about how leaders can impact positive change.

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