Dr. Kevin Mosser discusses COVID-19 Checklist: Elements of Planning for Restarting Physician Practices

Webinar: Kevin Mosser, MD Offers Insights to Help Providers Restart Their Practices

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the healthcare world. Outside of the impact from hospitals dealing with an influx of patients suffering as a result of the coronavirus or related complications, many practices have had to put procedures and appointments on hold. This can lead to a number of issues arising as restarting the practice, scheduling delayed procedures and opening up in-person or telehealth appointments begin to come into play.

The SE Healthcare team recently hosted a webinar aimed at empowering your organization by helping you prepare for the post-COVID-19 challenges that will impact healthcare providers.

The webinar features Kevin Mosser, MD, Senior Consultant at SE Healthcare and former CEO of WellSpan Health. During the presentation, he offers insights and advice on:

  • Ensuring provider safety and proper resources
  • How to plan and protect your financial security
  • Triage protocols to optimize procedures and practices
  • Reimagining schedules and roles
  • Solidify knowledge and compliance around telemedicine and technology

To view the full presentation, click on the play button. Then scroll below the video for additional resources to help you get your practice back in action.

Additional COVID-19-related resources:

It’s critical to protect your team. Everyone needs to feel that they are well cared for when coming to work. Caring for our caregivers is crucial during this time. The AMA website is an excellent tool to use for resources.

Below is an article from Becker’s Hospital Review addressing how Stanford Health is resuming elective care and testing their providers.

Medical Group Management Association reports that 97% of physician medical practices have and will experience a negative impact financially due to COVID-19.

Financial management and some strategies that will be useful to your practice.  What do you do now?  Will you need any financial assistance?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide an excellent process map to identify and separate patients with suspected COVID-19 infection.

The AAFP recently published a blog titled “Patient triage, scheduling, and rooming: three ways to adapt your workflows for COVID-19”.  The article suggests using nurse-directed triage protocols to determine if an appointment is necessary.

Here is another extremely useful tool from the CDC that addresses being prepared which includes many helpful printable resources.

The CMS guidelines on re-opening:

Telemedicine is going to be an integral part of your practice in the future.  According to David Dormna, chairman of CVS, and Chad Mulvany, Director, Healthcare Finance, Policy and Development, HFMA. Telehealth is here to stay.

SE Healthcare’s Solutions – We’re here to help

The SE Healthcare team has developed multiple platforms designed to help providers with the additional stress placed upon you during the COVID-19 crisis and to protect your practice against COVID-19-related lawsuits.

Click on one of the program icons below to learn more:

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