Physician on compter watching webinar "Navigating the challenge of MIPS in 2020"

Webinar: Navigating the challenges of MIPS in 2020: What to focus on mid-pandemic year

If your practice is participating in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), we’re here to help. We recently partnered with Mingle Health to bring you industry-leading MIPS quality management and practice performance solutions. Their team focuses on improving the delivery of value-based healthcare to create better patient outcomes by simplifying data collection, quality reporting, and preventive care through a comprehensive, end-to-end quality-improvement platform.

Together, we understand the importance of MIPS reporting initiatives. That’s why we joined forces to present our latest webinar – Navigating the challenges of MIPS in 2020: What to focus on mid-pandemic year.

The webinar discusses important changes to MIPS for 2020 including:

  • Where we are now?
  • What’s at stake?
  • What’s changed for 2020?
  • Where the program is going?

We also dive into COVID-19’s impact on MIPS. For example, CMS released a statement regarding the “Emergency & Uncontrollable Circumstances application” that providers can fill out and submit to reweight any or all of their MIPS performance categories.

Finally, we explore how MIPS has become more difficult, what you can do to set your practice up for success and answer some pressing questions that were asking during the live presentation.

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The webinar focuses on providing healthcare providers with insights to help demystify the complex challenges posed by recent updates to MIPS.

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