Webinar: The Biggest Factors Causing Nurse Burnout (and What to Do About It)? Recent Study Highlights Surprising Results

Recently, SE Healthcare hosted a webinar highlighting insights from an original study the SE team conducted on the impact of Nurse Burnout. During the event, Stephanie Sargent, VP of Product Development and Quality, along with Kevin Mosser, MD, Senior Medical Consultant and former health system CEO, discuss the findings and offer strategies to help leadership teams address and prevent burnout.

The webinar is based on original research by the SE Healthcare team surveying nurses to learn about the true impact and causes driving the trend toward increased burnout in the nursing profession. The team presents the findings from the survey and provides actionable insights to help leadership teams provide the necessary support and develop strategies to reduce burnout in nurses.

Click here to learn about what SE Healthcare is doing to address Nurse Burnout.

While watching the pre-recorded session, you will learn about:

  • Insights from the survey highlighting serious areas of concerns for nurses
  • The main factors contributing to nurse burnout
  • The extent of the negative impact burnout has on the profession
  • Strategies for leadership to address the issue and lower the impact of burnout

Click the play button on the video below to watch the full webinar.

The SE Healthcare team has developed an online platform designed to help nurses and organizations with the negative impact of burnout. Click on the program icon below to learn more.
Nurse Burnout Prevention Program
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