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Overview of the PES

SE Healthcare’s Physician Empowerment™ Suite, a set of specialty-specific data analytics tools, contains solutions that empower your practice to be more successful in an increasingly competitive market.

The Patient Experience Platform, the Clinical Effectiveness Platform, and the Reimbursement Effectiveness™ Platform. These three, high-powered analytics tools provide your practice with:

  • Enhanced features like a Five-Star Reputation Tool, Patient Loyalty Index, Key Driver Matrix, and the Performance Improvement Tools
  • Insights into hidden problem areas to improve patient experience, patient engagement, quality, safety, and overall practice performance
  • Unique reimbursement insights typically only available to payers
  • High-quality data to help you build a value story to more effectively negotiate with payers
  • Hundreds of educational materials, videos, documents, and other content aimed at improving performance

Components of the PES

Click to learn more about each platform included within the Physician Empowerment Suite and find out about the benefit each brings to your practice:

Patient Experience
Healthcare Quality Management
The Reimbursement Effectiveness™ Platform

ROI and Testimonials

Our success lies within the success of our clients. We provide the tools to empower you in making the healthcare industry safe, creating an improved patient experience, and generating financial health.

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