Patient Experience Consulting

Digestive Disease Associates

“That’s a valuable tool”

Louis La Luna, MD

Hematology and Oncology Consultants of Pennsylvania

“It’s really been an unbelievable service that has been provided”

Alfred Leal, MD

Healthcare Operations Performance Tools
Healthcare Performance Improvement

Digestive Disease Associates

“Super responsive. Always helpful. Really an excellent team”

Christine Yoder, Chief Operating Officer

Hematology and Oncology Consultants of Pennsylvania

“It’s a tremendous benefit to our facility”

Rich Habacivch, Practice Administrator


“I think the Physician Burnout Prevent Program is great. Very interesting. Listening to the series of talks brings me back to the many methods of teaching and shaping residents.”

- Dr. Calcagno, Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center

“We’re finally able to partner with physicians in a meaningful way by offering the resources of The Physician Empowerment™ Suite to enhance the MPL insurance experience.”

- Large MPL Broker Firm

“Our practice has been able to meaningfully negotiate with payers through the use of The Physician Empowerment™ Suite tools and resources. They’re critical to our strategic approach.”

- CEO of Orthopedic Group

“The Physician Empowerment™ Suite has helped to identify and quantify areas for practice improvement. It’s been instrumental in helping me in my role.”

- Practice Manager of GI Group

“This Physician Empowerment™ Suite is a unique resource and a true differentiator in a highly competitive market.”

- President of Risk Retention Group

“In the future, the emphasis in the MPL market will shift from offering the lowest price for coverage to providing services of value to physicians to make their purchase worthwhile.”

- Mary-Lou Misrahy, Chair MPL Assoc. Board

“As CEO, The Physician Empowerment™ Suite has been invaluable in helping my team address and prevent issues to ensure our practice continues to improve and grow.”

- CEO of Internal Medicine Practice

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