Healthcare Quality and Safety Assessments

Healthcare Quality Improvement

Quality And Safety Assessments

Ensuring quality and safety for patients, providers and all staff members alike should be top of mind for your organization. Practices and other organizations that overlook the importance of assessing these critical pieces of the healthcare puzzle are setting themselves up for failure…and potentially costly litigation.

At SE Healthcare, we’re constantly preaching to providers about the importance of taking a pro-active approach and managing clinical risk before an incident occurs. Failing to do so can lead to serious safety events and ultimately high payouts for malpractice or other types of claims. By combining traditional and innovative risk management with clinical risk management, our team of experienced experts and thought leaders helps providers improve quality and safety, while reducing liability risk.

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Our quality and safety assessment process includes the following components:

  • Evidence-based baseline assessment tool
  • On-site assessment
  • Comprehensive report and action plan
  • Follow-up conference call with key team members
  • Implementation support

Our team is comprised of clinical and surgical professionals with decades of experience who are considered thought leaders within their respective fields. The professionals assigned to a project are selected based on each unique situation to ensure that the proper team is in place to review your operations and provide impactful insights to aid in improvements in safety and quality, as well as help you create a proactive environment in which managing risk becomes a top focus.

Each review includes the use of an audit tool that was designed in collaboration with our extensive network of clinical and surgical thought leaders. The following items will be included in the review:

  • Practice or program records
  • Policies
  • Documents
  • Interviews with key personnel

Once the review commences, a report will be compiled and delivered to you confidentially. The report will include the following items:

  • Summary of the review
  • Risk Management recommendations

Along with the recommendations, you’ll be provided with a suggested course of action for implementation, tools, and strategies to support the ease of integration of the risk reduction strategies.

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