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Leaders, Are We Failing Our Nurses? The Biggest Contributor to Nurse Burnout in the COVID-19 Pandemic (And It’s Not Staffing Ratios or Workload)

Original Research on the Impact of Nurse Burnout During COVID-19

What’s Inside?

At the height of spring arrival of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, SE Healthcare surveyed the largest professional healthcare provider workforce in the U.S. – nurses.


  • Measure the level of burnout in frontline nursing caregivers
  • Evaluate attitudes towards the healthcare system within which they practice
  • Provide a safe, confidential forum to freely vent top stressors
  • Reveal top contributors to burnout

This white paper explores the history of nursing burnout, its manifestations and consequences in the modern era and, according the literature, prevailing contributors. SE Healthcare’s survey findings are presented, and practical, evidenced-based actions are offered to prevent or mitigate burnout’s most damaging effects upon nurses and by proxy, patients and healthcare organizations.

Key Takeaways

  • Insight into the true impact of burnout on nurses
  • Primary drivers of burnout in nurses
  • Strategies for leaders and nurses to create positive change
The Nurse Burnout Prevention Program

We invite you to explore our Nurse Burnout Prevention Program. The web-based program includes a validated burnout assessment, a dashboard, and training and educational videos / audios with provision of 13 Contact Hours. Analysis of your nurses’ feedback provides you with a detailed report on specific stressors for your nurses and high priority improvement projects. We provide full support to your leadership team, sharing pre-launch, survey, and nurse feedback best practices.

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