Nurse Burnout Prevention Program

Nurse Burnout Prevention Program

According to SE Healthcare’s recent survey, 53% of nurses are experiencing burnout. The personal impact on nurses is high and can have serious, lasting implications, such as illness, emotional distress, absenteeism, leaving the profession as a whole. For the organization, burnout in nurses can lead to   greater turnover, decreased quality of care (errors, infections, higher mortality) and poor patient experience.

SE Healthcare’s Nurse Burnout Prevention Program, provides organizations a proactive method to prevent and an effective means to manage burnout in the nursing profession.

The program includes a holistic, systems-based approach to directly impact nursing burnout.

The program includes:

  • Targeted survey measuring burnout, organizational attitudes and opened-ended questions identifying main sources of stress in their daily practice
  • Developed through a collaboration between Dr. Dike Drummond, leading expert on burnout training, and SE Healthcare’s team of experienced healthcare leaders
  • An interactive dashboard with benchmarking and actionable insights for both organizations and nurses
  • 24/7 virtual education and coaching through a series of training modules, to address and prevent burnout
  • In-depth qualitative and quantitative analyses of the open-ended questions which pin-points action for organizations
  • Open ended questions that provide a direct line for nurses to address concerns to leadership teams

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A view of the Nurse Burnout Prevention Program Dashboard

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