Patient Experience Week 2022

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Patient Experience Week 2022

Patient Experience Week (April 25 – 29) is an annual event started by The Beryl Institute that recognizes the healthcare professionals shaping patient experiences everyday. We’ve provided some resources here to help your practice celebrate Patient Experience Week 2022 the right way!


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Form a Patient and
Family Advisory Council

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Create a “Tip of the Day”
bulletin in your office

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Recognize your staff
for their contributions

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Remind patients to
complete their surveys

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Patient Experience Focused Articles

Patient Experience Week is the perfect time for a refresher on what factors influence patient experiences, especially in today’s landscape. Below are some of the top rated PX focused articles from our Healthcare Leadership Column. Each highlights how the patient experience can be affected from a specific, guiding factor.

Participate with Planned Activities

A positive way to strengthen your organization’s reputation, both internally and externally, is by organizing special events and activities. The following are some ideas to help promote awareness about your practices’ patient experience.

  • Host an After Work Happy Hour
    A great way to strengthen relationships and present your team with tokens of appreciation.
  • Set up a “Staff Shoutouts” Bulletin Board
    Give an opportunity for team members to post notes celebrating their colleagues.
  • Design a “What’s Happening this Week” Flyer
    Add all of the fun activities that have been planned for your team and your patients.

Daily Social Media Recommendations

You can also participate in PX Week through your social media channels. We’ve put together a list of recommended posts below. Use the hashtag #pxweek and tag The Beryl Institute @BerylInstitute so they can share your celebrations with the global patient experience community.

Monday, April 25

Recognize a co-worker who went above and beyond in the past year to provide an exceptional experience for patients, colleagues or staff.

Tuesday, April 26

Upload a short video about what elevating the human experience in healthcare means to you and your team.

Wednesday, April 27

Share a story or image of hope that inspires you and drives you to continue to elevate the human experience in healthcare.

Thursday, April 28

Tag a patient experience related non-profit that is meaningful to you and describe their mission.

Friday, April, 29

Share a picture of how you and your team are celebrating Patient Experience Week 2022.

Don’t forget AIDET®

AIDET® is a framework for healthcare professionals to communicate with patients and each other in a way that decreases anxiety, increases compliance, and improves clinical outcomes. You and your staff can use it as a standard for all interactions in your office.


Greet your patients to provide a warm first impression


State your name and your role in the patient’s care


Give accurate time expectations during a patient’s visit


Be thorough in your conversations and answer questions


Thank You
Thank patients for trusting you with their care

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