Physician Burnout Prevention Program

Prevent Physician Burnout

The Physician Burnout Prevention Program is the most comprehensive proactive program for organizations and physicians.

Graphic with text highlighting 2021 Sharp Index Award Nominee for "Excellence in Physician Well-Being" CategorySE Healthcare’s Physician Burnout Prevention Program gives organizations and physicians a proactive strategy for addressing burnout. This program is built to finally provide you and your organization with scalable tools to properly, positively and immediately impact this critical issue. The program goes beyond simply surveying by:

  • Providing physicians with the recognition and prevention education to assist themselves and their colleagues combat burnout
  • Giving the physicians the skills to prevent burnout through a training series
  • Providing organizations with an effective listening tool for their affiliated physicians
  • Revealing where your organization and physicians lie on the burnout spectrum
  • Proactively identifying high risk areas
  • Providing actionable data online and an organizational program manual

Created in collaboration with the nation’s leading burnout expert

Developed through a collaboration between Dr. Dike Drummond, leading expert on physician burnout training, and SE Healthcare’s team of experienced healthcare leaders. Meet your trainer:

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Your providers are able to earn up to 14.5 CME credits by viewing educational video content within the Enrichment Center library.

SE Healthcare’s Enrichment Center is sequential video training program with additional educational content including audios and recommended readings. The content educates physicians on burnout, including recognition (in themselves or others), prevention, treatment, and pathophysiology. The program provides targeted, tactical methods to improve efficiency, communication, work-life balance, workflow, leadership skills and reduce stress. Collectively, this content is a physician burnout prevention program – a curriculum of sequential instruction.

Physician burnout is a crisis in healthcare and impacts your entire organization, damaging your bottom line and the lives of your physicians.

We watch as quality suffers, error rates triple, productivity and patient satisfaction decline, and $500k to $1 million is wasted by each unplanned physician replacement. Stop simply measuring burnout and start effectively listening to your doctors and implementing high-impact actions to manage this crisis.

The Physician Burnout Prevention Program uncovers where your physician’s lie on the burnout spectrum and organizational stress, delivering actionable data and tools to leadership and physicians. Highlights include:

  • Brief physician assessments, including open text fields, provides a communication pathway between physicians and the organization
  • Survey content varies year to year, measuring what matters most to your organization
  • Program is iterative and provides the foundation for Continuous Improvement
  • A comprehensive program manual
  • SE support, including an Executive Review Session providing areas of focus
  • Enrichment Center offering a library of exclusive, proprietary educational videos and resources, providing physicians with targeted and tactical instruction
  • Easy-to-understand individual and organizational dashboard reporting, with links to pertinent content and tools to improve wellness
  • Developed through a collaboration between Dr. Dike Drummond, leading expert on physician burnout training, and SE Healthcare’s team of experienced healthcare leaders
  • 24/7 virtual physician coaching via a video library featuring one of the leading experts on addressing and preventing physician burnout

The 3 main components of the Physician Burnout Prevention Program:

Enrichment Center

Enrichment Center

Complete library of exclusive educational content

The Assessment

The Assessment

Assess burnout’s impact on your organization

Health and Burnout Report

Burnout Dashboard

Actionable data to address and prevent burnout

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