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SE Healthcare is leading the way along the path to stop Physician Burnout. Our team of experts has developed the Physician Burnout Prevention® Program to arm healthcare providers and organizations with proven strategies to address and prevent burnout. On this page, you will find information about the program, as well as links to resources from thought leaders on the subject of burnout to help you and your organization face this challenge head on and create positive change.

What is the Physician Burnout Prevention® Program?

The SE Healthcare Physician Burnout Prevention® Program is the most comprehensive, proactive program for both organizations and physicians. The online program was developed through a collaboration between leading expert and founder of and a team of leading authorities within the healthcare field from SE Healthcare.

The program provides an assessment to allow you to gain insight into the level of burnout within your organization as well as assess the impact individually. Through the program, providers have access to a library of short educational videos, documents, audio recordings and other high-impact resources available exclusively to program subscribers. The content included in the program provides actionable guidance for both physicians and organization to address and prevent burnout.

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Meet Your Trainer

Your virtual training within the Physician Burnout Prevention® Program Enrichment Center is led by Dr. Dike Drummond. Drummond brings over 3000 hours of physician coaching delivered, over 40,000 doctors trained for 175 corporate clients to your training.

Watch the video below to learn more about Dr. Drummond and the program. 

Latest Articles on Physician Burnout from SE Healthcare

The SE Healthcare team offers insights into the impact of physician burnout on both the organizational and individual levels. The team offers tips to implement strategies to address and prevent burnout on our Healthcare Leadership Column blog. Below is a selection of the most popular articles on the blog.

Articles on Physician Burnout From our Partner, and Leading Expert, Dr. Dike Drummond

Dr. Dike Drummond is a leading expert on the topic of physician burnout. He shares actionable insights in the form of blogs and videos on his website, Below is a selection of the some of the top articles from Dr. Drummond’s blog.

Free Download: Webinar Recording on Physician Burnout Strategies

The SE Healthcare team recently partnered with to present a webinar titled Physician Burnout: More Than a Bad Day. Getting Through This With Organizational and Individual Strategies. Enter your info in the form below to watch the full video.

Key takeaways include:

  • How burnout is more than having a bad day
  • COVID’ s impact on an already burned-out workforce
  • Burnout is not a problem. It’s a dilemma.
  • Is healthcare measuring what matters? Engagement vs. burnout.
  • Getting through this – individual and organizational strategies

Case Study: Uncovering the Unseen Impact of Burnout

The noticeable impact of physician burnout is often just the tip of the iceberg. Organizations who are not assessing and measuring the impact of burnout.

Comments from a recent assessment conducted by one of SE Healthcare’s partner organizations brought light to the types of things that are going unnoticed.

We analyzed a set of submissions via the open comment portion of the assessment within the Physician Burnout Prevention program, and what we found was alarming.

Below is a sample of the feedback we have received. These are real answers to the question “What is the biggest source of stress in your practice day?”

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  • “Patients are almost all in crisis. 81 families newly homeless since March, 24 patients newly experiencing severe psychotic symptoms (of which, 6 were denied hospitalization), 11 suicide attempts and 3 “deaths of despair” in my practice of under 600”
  • “Financial. Picked up Locums work to subsidize my independent solo practice – at this point still losing >$15K per month and facing losing my home”
  • “Not having enough time to get all the work done and working later interfering with my family time”
  • “MD staff is not helpful with pre-ops or getting PT ready like IVs. Marketing sure labs are ordered and up-to-date. I have to spend personal time doing pre-ops daily.
  • “No ancillary resources”
  • “The stress of possible malpractice lawsuits.”
  • “Amount of sleep occasional marginal”
  • “The inability to provide standard of care practices because of administrative BS that they seem to make up on a daily basis and attribute their wii to that of Policy.”
  • “Not enough time in the day to attend to everything, even though extra time built into the schedule to help alleviate this issue.”
  • “Legal issues in medicine and malpractice, which may be completely unrelated to performance”
  • “Lack of appropriate PPE”
  • “Lots of difficult patients”
  • “Hostile patients”
  • “Disrespect and violence from patients whose stressors far exceed their capacity to cope”
  • “Attempt to decrease turn over time while using an obsolete EMR”
  • “Hypocrisy in company credo versus company action. Better pay for BPs vs PAs with same level of experience and education.”
  • “Healthcare administrators who prioritize profits over patients’ welfare”
  • “Patients who don’t do well and have demanding families”
  • “Worrying about the future, where and when will I be going next. This would not be so bad if I was not at odds with my family about where I would like to work.”
  • “Disrespect from hospital staff”
  • “Having people be disrespectful to you”

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