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Female doctor sitting in hallway with head in her hands, clearly upset


Burnout: More than Having a Bad Day. Getting Through this with Individual and Organizational Strategies

We partnered with to help you understand the impact of burnout and how to develop strategies to react and reduce the strained placed on healthcare providers.

About the Webinar

Burnout is everywhere, all of the time. Yet, it’s hidden in plain sight. Physicians are trained early in their medical education to keep going, no matter how far below zero their energy levels drop. Medicine’s two Prime Directives:

  • “The patient always comes first”
  • “Never show weakness”

These deeply ingrained mentalities put physicians at risk for burnout in their careers.

Further, high engagement places physicians at higher risk. Learn how to identify the early warning signs and the tip over from engagement to burnout. Key takeaways include:

  • How burnout is more than having a bad day
  • COVID’ s impact on an already burned-out workforce
  • Burnout is not a problem. It’s a dilemma
  • Is healthcare measuring what matters? Engagement vs. burnout.
  • Getting through this – individual and organizational strategies

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