The Patient Experience Platform

Patient Experience

The Patient Experience Platform

Creating an optimal environment for patients is top of mind for providers across all spectrums of the healthcare field. From the smallest practices to the largest health systems, improving the patient experience is critical to success, leading to an enhanced reputation and enabling providers to increase their bottom line.

But how do you know what your patients are thinking?

And how can you possibly obtain and organize enough data to make informed decisions?

That’s where The Patient Experience Platform comes into play.

The platform offers specialty-specific survey tools designed to give providers real-time feedback about their patients’ opinions and experiences.

The easy-to-navigate platform allows providers to dig deep into the data collected and identify opportunities for improvement. The platform allows you to compare physicians and locations, benchmark against other practices nationally, receive monthly report cards, review written comments where patients elaborate on their experience, and prioritize improvement initiatives.

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The SE Healthcare team makes it easy for you to integrate the Patient Experience Platform into your day-to-day operations. Four simple steps are all it takes to get up and running.

  1. Create a file from your EMR, which is then uploaded to the platform each week
  2. Patients receive an email requesting that they take a brief, 5-minute survey
  3. You log into your secured Patient Experience portal to view metrics presented to you in real-time
  4. The data collected leads to actionable insights and answers to your questions to allow you to make improvements and maximize your earnings through optimized reimbursement from payer negotiations

The Patient Experience Platform was developed under the direction of respected physicians, legal, and risk management thought leaders to bring quality and superior risk reduction and management solutions to organizations in a proactive approach.

The SE team is here to support you throughout the process to make sure you achieve optimal results. It all kicks off with a brief 15-minute orientation call to discuss the best way to set up your new account and answer any questions you may have about the onboarding process.  Once the orientation is complete, the system will walk you through each step of establishing your account.  Your Patient Experience Surveys will begin going to your patients.  Once your account is set up we’ll send surveys out to patients seen at your office within the last 90 days to gain robust data that offers actionable insights.

Once the data from the surveys are ready to be viewed, our customer support staff will walk you through how to view your data in your dashboard.  Our team is also available during normal business hours to provide you with ongoing support to ensure your success.

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