The Physician Burnout Diagnostics Platform

The Physician Burnout Diagnostics Platform

The Challenge

The rate of burnout in the medical profession ranges between 40–60% depending on the specialty. Burnout is defined as:

“…a syndrome characterized by a loss of enthusiasm for work (emotional exhaustion), feeling of cynicism (depersonalization), and a low sense of personal accomplishment.”   

Burned out physicians report a lack of empathy and are more likely to leave the profession. Worse yet, only 9-13% of those experiencing burnout are likely to seek help.

A healthcare provider’s top priority is to deliver quality care to their patients. Physicians and other health professionals have been trained to ignore their own needs and put patients first. As a result, personal well-being declines and symptoms of burnout emerge with a multitude of downstream consequences:

  • Higher turnover rates in team members because of an unpleasant work environment
  • Increased number of errors
  • Higher rates of medical malpractice claims
  • Riskier prescribing practices
  • Lower patient compliance with chronic disease management plans
  • Lower patient satisfaction ratings resulting in decreased reimbursement to the organization

SE Healthcare’s Diagnosis

To help health care organizations more effectively manage the issue of Physician Burnout, the SE Healthcare team has developed The Physician Burnout Diagnostic Platform, designed to measure the most important predictors and consequences of burnout.

Developed by a team led by a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience treating physicians, the assessment includes validated inventory from the World Health Organization, the Veterans Health Administration, and the Physician Worklife Single Item Survey. Survey results provide actionable data, allowing leadership to make targeted decisions. The assessment is short and simple to complete, taking less than 10 minutes, and is optimized to be taken from any device.

We recommend organizations administer the survey, examine the results, plan and execute improvements, and resurvey in an appropriate amount of time. It is vital to use this survey to inform actions on the findings. Failing to do so could lead to further discontent.

The assessment is weighted for impact on risk and downstream consequences to the organization. The results provide measures of five categories: work environment, burnout, turnover, personal wellness, and risk management and safety. Leadership receives actionable data displayed in a detailed report that allows for focused interventions and decisions. Highlights of the assessment include:

  • 34 high loading items
  • Available for use on multiple devices (mobile, tablet, or computer)
  • Ability to customize work locations to organization
  • Ability to customize roles to organization
  • Anonymous results
  • Free text entries at end of survey
  • Based on a scale

The Health and Burnout Report provides valuable organizational and work unit-level data. The report measures 5 key areas of burnout:

  • Work environment
  • Provider Burnout
  • Turnover
  • Personal Wellness
  • Risk Management and Safety

The report includes easy-to-understand graphs and charts in PDF format. The report begins with a broad overview of overall scores then drills down to locations (such as hospital or practice locations) and work groups within hospitals or practices (where applicable). SE provides an analysis of the highest contributing factors and leading predictors of burnout such as perceptions of management, total hours worked weekly, number of “pajama” hours worked, and aged charts.

During setup, practices provide SE Healthcare with email addresses, work locations, work groups, and roles. SE provides leadership with an email message template to distribute to physicians, nurses, technicians, and other staff members. SE monitors survey completion rates and prompts leadership to send reminders if necessary. As industry standard and best practice, responses are recorded anonymously in order to receive honest feedback and increase response rates.

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