Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

SE Healthcare understands the importance of diverse resources when dealing with the challenges facing healthcare providers. There is no single solution to the issues that confront them. That’s why we’ve built strategic partnerships with the following organizations to continue our pursuit of empowering healthcare providers.

Organizations & Associations

Working Well is a proven strategic solution for employers of all sectors and sizes looking to create thriving workplaces that optimize employee wellbeing and professional fulfillment while enhancing organizational performance. Working Well helps employers design a coordinated, comprehensive, best-practice, effective, sustainable wellbeing strategy. Our approach is rooted in evidence and tailored to the unique needs and goals of each organization. Members have access to a suite of resources, including an interactive Strategy for Wellbeing online platform providing employers unlimited access to an organizational assessment with immediate results, real-time customized recommendations, and on-demand resources for continuous strategic improvement.  One-on-one organizational coaching and technical assistance, live and on-demand training opportunities, a wide network of peer support, and statewide recognition for meeting benchmark standards are also available. See how Working Well employers outperform national benchmarks here.

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Technology Solutions

eMDs combines leading technologies with tailored services to remove operational burden and empower healthcare providers to maximize the impact of their care. Founded by physicians, eMDs brings decades of expertise and understanding to our integrated electronic health records products, practice management software, revenue cycle management solutions and credentialing services for medical practices and enterprises. With tens of thousands of deployed clients across a range of specialties and settings, eMDs’ extensive experience allows us to craft proven, transformative, solutions that meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations, enabling unmatched productivity and a superior experience for patients and practitioners alike. Expert Solutions. Stronger Partners. Healthier Patients.

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Consulting and Professional Services specializes in the temporary placement of physicians, advanced practitioners and psychologists at healthcare facilities across the U.S. As the industry’s most-visited job board, helps healthcare organizations connect with the professionals they need to ensure patients have access to quality care. Founded in 1995, is a clear leader in the healthcare staffing industry, helping place clinicians who deliver care to more than seven million patients in over 2,400 healthcare facilities in the U.S. is a Jackson Healthcare® company.

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SE Healthcare has partnered with Mingle Health to bring you industry-leading MIPS quality management and practice performance solutions. Recognized as a top performer by KLAS, Mingle combines software, services, and expertise to guide you every step of the way to MIPS success. Use our special coupon code for an exclusive discount on MIPS Solutions and always mentioned SE Healthcare when speaking with the Mingle Health team.

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Kangaroo Health Logo

KangarooHealth is focused on converting healthcare from transactional to continuous. KangarooHealth provides an artificial intelligence powered remote patient monitoring platform covering both multiple chronic conditions and acute care interventions, enabling provider care teams to gain actionable health insights into each patient between visits while qualifying providers for new reimbursements for remote patient monitoring. KangarooHealth combines intelligent software, smart biometric sensors, and on-demand care teams to guide healthcare providers every step of the way to extend their care into patients’ homes. Their data-driven platforms help providers and healthcare systems predict patient outcomes, boost care efficiency, prevent readmissions, and generate a new CMS reimbursement revenue.

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Saxton & Stump Logo

Saxton & Stump is a full-service law firm that provides businesses with legal and consulting services. When working with their healthcare law group in defense against a claim, you will never be out-resourced. Their team of professionals is by your side to support you throughout the entire process. Saxton & Stump’s legal professionals, many with more than 25 years of trial experience, provide a foundation that includes an excess of 400 jury trials. In addition, the Saxton & Stump team includes a group of highly acclaimed physicians, nurses, healthcare executives, and consultants with decades of experience.

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Granite Creative Group is a digital and traditional marketing agency, headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Granite Creative’s team of creative thinkers, marketing and business strategists, artists, relationship builders and business igniters seamlessly bring together the worlds of art and strategy.

The agency provides digital and traditional marketing services to healthcare practices and small- to medium-sized businesses throughout the country. Granite Creative’s services include marketing strategy, website design, campaign strategy and execution, graphic design, social media, content marketing and video/animation production.

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The Happy MD has been the leader in the prevention of physician burnout since 2010. Founded and led by Dr. Dike Drummond, has trained over 30,000 doctors for 163 corporate clients, and sold over 40,000 copies of Dr. Drummond’s book, Stop Physician Burnout. Dr. Drummond is a Mayo-trained Family Practice physician and is an internationally recognized trainer and consultant on the matters of burnout prevention in physicians, as well as the realization of the Quadruple Aim in healthcare organizations.  

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Reimbursement Pathways Logo

Reimbursement Pathways provides reimbursement consulting services to healthcare providers (health systems and physicians) in the areas of contract evaluation, management, performance, and negotiations. They are dedicated to addressing real-world issues facing healthcare providers through simple solutions. Their team of professionals focuses on optimizing contract management processes to create significant cost savings and maximizing payer fee-for-service and fee-for-value reimbursements to enhance cash flow and create new revenue streams. In short, they partner with you to ensure you achieve your greatest financial potential.

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Granite GRC Consulting assists companies, their investors and advisors to identify, understand, mitigate and manage their legal, compliance and information security risks. Protecting and enhancing value, their team provides services from inception to sale, including M&A due diligence, tailored compliance and privacy advice, policies and programs, and cyber security assessments and solutions.

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CPP provides a stable source of professional liability insurance to our members. We actively seek to reduce the cost of providing this insurance to our members. Members have access to a customized safety and risk management program for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

As a mutual insurance company, the members are the policyholders and are the primary focus of CPP.  We are focused on insuring healthcare providers and their practices. There are no stockholders or owners of the group other than policyholders.

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CARE Professional Liability Association, LLC was founded in 2003 as an alternative for physicians burdened by rising medical malpractice coverage premiums and the inability to find affordable, satisfactory coverage.

Since then, the company has been licensed in 26 states and continues to grow. We have extended coverage to thousands of doctors across the spectrum of medical specialties. We have developed and maintained strong relations with their agents and successfully defended those who found themselves the target of a malpractice claim.

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CAP was established in 1975 by a group of California physicians concerned about the spiraling cost of medical malpractice coverage and who were galvanized to do something about it. The result was a unique medical malpractice liability cooperative whose core product—the Mutual Protection Trust (MPT)—provides medical professional liability protection to over 12,000 of California’s finest physicians.

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Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO)

The purpose of a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) is to provide purchasing and educational services to support the shared goals and success of its members. By providing a GPO on all things urology, UroGPO works on behalf of today’s urology professionals to make sure they are introduced to new ancillary opportunities to enhance revenue, improve their operations, reduce costs and develop stronger relationships within the urology field. As a member, we will help you establish a preferred customer relationship with key urology manufacturers and service organizations.

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MTBC logo

MTBC offers the most diverse suite of software and services designed to help providers transform and improve their clinical, financial, and administrative operations. MTBC serves a wide array of diverse healthcare entities across the healthcare continuum – from single physician, medium-sized practices to independent physician associations – enabling providers to successfully meet regulatory challenges and prosper amidst a rapidly shifting healthcare industry environment. MTBC’s robust, technology-enabled product portfolio includes revenue cycle management (RCM), practice management (PM), electronic health record (EHR), business intelligence, telehealth, patient experience management (PXM) solutions, workforce solutions, and medical billing. MTBC’s group purchasing organization (GPO) is the trusted partner of choice for more than 4000 physicians and mid-level providers nationwide. Providing valuable cost savings and access to practice resources.

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